Body surgery can address imperfections and asymmetries at a deeper level than minimally invasive options. For patients that have moderate to severe reduction in skin elasticity and volume, these nonsurgical options will not be as effective in producing optimal, youthful results, offered by surgery. At Stone Mountain Skin Health Center, our patients can begin their journey into cosmetic/body surgery after a complete skin care analysis and consultation with Dr. Nguyen to address all concerns.


Surgical procedures at Stone Mountain are elective treatments to reduce abnormal or unpleasant aesthetic concerns you have that won’t cause you to appear overdone. Our patients are both male and female, and from many backgrounds, that also speak different languages. The body surgical solutions that Dr. Nguyen is known for are the following:

  • Hand rejuvenation
  • Neck rejuvenation
  • Chest rejuvenation
  • Body Sculpting
  • Ethnic & Asian Skin Care
  • Anti-Aging
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Hair Removal
  • Vein Treatment
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Hair Loss

In consultation for body surgery, Dr. Nguyen presents a variety of surgical options including combination treatments to further supplement and maintain younger appearing skin. All procedures are planned with respect for various cultural preferences that will give you the best result for your body type, cultural background, and lifestyle. Each procedure is done uniquely with variable techniques and methods to give you a tailored appearance that belongs to you and you alone. To schedule your surgical consultation with Dr. Nguyen and find the cosmetic solutions you need to feel good about your look, call to schedule your consultation today at (678) 786-1118, (770) 508-8241 (Spanish), or (404) 989-1015 (Vietnamese).