Hair loss is troubling for many patients, regardless of gender. At Stone Mountain Skin Health Center, Dr. Nguyen can address the root concerns causing hair loss and create a specialized treatment plan to regenerate hair growth. Whether through transplant or stem cell introduction by infusion of PRP injections, hair follicles are stimulated and circulation invigorated to previously unresponsive tissue. While these hair restoration treatments may require several sessions to achieve hair growth stimulation and to see results, it is worth the wait. Hair loss treatments target female and male pattern baldness.


Our hair restoration treatments are done directly within the clinic. Prior to treatment using hair follicle injections, the scalp is numbed with a topical anesthetic for 30 minutes, so patients feel comfortable during the procedure. Each hair follicle injection treatment can take an hour or two to complete, based on the required injection area. Injections include growth factors that are known to the skin using PRP or chemically created growth factors that call on the body’s regenerative proteins. These injections stimulate skin remodeling and restructuring of inactive hair follicles. Additional treatments spaced about a month apart are scheduled and you’ll see gradual growth changes begin.


If you’re someone struggling with recent hair loss or are in the beginning stages of thinning hair, Dr. Nguyen’s hair restoration treatments work deep within the hair follicle to call on long-lasting growth. During your consultation, Dr. Nguyen will assess the amount of hair loss and in which regions you should focus these treatments to begin the process of regrowth. Patients are impressed to see hair growth in areas they’ve experienced loss for years and essentially given up. Restorative hair loss treatments are more than just hair follicle stimulation; these treatments are about reinforcing personal and professional confidence.

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