For many women, their most desired aesthetic goal is a more defined, round, and shapely buttocks.


A Brazilian butt lift with Dr. Nguyen is a specialty procedure to deliver size, shape and proportion to their buttocks and it also is a 3 D liposculpting designed to reduce the flaws above and below the buttocks.

By using fat from other areas of the body where it is unneeded, Dr. Nguyen then re-injects this fat precisely into the buttock socks. With his expertise and artistic work, he will provide the most desired aesthetic goal of the curves and proportions they’ve been looking for.

If you are interested in Brazilian Butt Lift, we encourage you to contact Stone Mountain Skin Health Center to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Nguyen by calling (678) 786-1118, (770) 508-8241 (Spanish), or (404) 989-1015 (Vietnamese).