Earlobe Surgery and Treatments


An earlobe repair is a cosmetic surgery procedure to correct a split, ripped, torn, drooping, stretched-out or unusually large earlobes. As people wear heavy earrings, over time the piercing holes often stretch and become elongated. Ear lobes can also become stretched or torn from trauma such as catching an earring with a hairbrush, children pulling them by catching clothing while pulling it over the heads, bath towels or phone cords. An earlobe repair is easily done and is performed in the office with a simple fifteen-minute- procedure with local anesthesia.


A prominent ear, otapostasis or a bat ear is an abnormally protruding human ear. It may be unilateral or bilateral. Children with protruding ears are often teased by their peers which can lead to serious body image problems, or in extreme cases, psychological problems. The treatment of protruding ears, otoplasty, is a very rewarding procedure for both the surgeon and the patient, especially in children. Helping a young person feel better about themselves and improve their self esteem is a true pleasure.


As we age, the earlobes may be come enlarged and dangly which is unpleasant appearance for the person who has it and the people around them. Nonsurgical treatment is commonly performed, especially for earlobes that have lost their shape or volume and look wrinkled or deflated. Injecting temporary or permanent filler can restore volume and plump up aging lobes. CO2 laser resurfacing can also smooth wrinkled lobes and remove age spots. Dermal filler is a quick and easy earlobe rejuvenation for damaged thinned earlobes. A small amount of dermal filler injected into a damaged earlobe adds volume to the area, returning it to a more natural shape. It helps in plumping up stretched, drooping and painful looking earlobes. The effects of an earlobe repair using dermal fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm or Radiesse can last for about 9 months to a year.


Keloids scars can also develop on the earlobes. After 5FU and steroid injections soften the keloid, with a V Beam PDL laser treatment, these scars can be surgically removed from earlobes and artfully reconstructed for a more natural earlobe contour.

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