Many women in 40s and 50s are dissatisfied with the look of their breasts. Due to the effects of age, gravity, and often trauma sustained by the breasts and nipples when feeding during pregnancy, patients may be unsatisfied with the condition, shape, volume, and position of the breasts.

Some want to increase their breast size while others want to reduce it. Some women just want to enhance the appearance of their breasts through lifting, shaping, or sculpting.

At Stone Mountain Skin Health Center, Dr. Son Nguyen can resolve these common concerns that many women have about their breasts to restore the youth and shape to their breasts even in their middle age 30’s, or 20’s.


Many women are satisfied with the prospect of a breast augmentation alone. Some patients, however, have their breasts appear saggy, flattened, and stretched out. They all really want to achieve firmer and more youthful breasts but this may actually lead to a smaller cup size and even a slightly smaller appearance. Yet Dr. Nguyen can provide dramatic results, completely reversing the look of sagging or aging breasts to a firm and youthful change in appearance.


Many women experience with the physical impact of back pain, neck pain or skin irritation due to a large breast size. Some women have even been experiencing psychological discomfort relating to their large breasts.

At Stone Mountain Skin Health Center, Dr. Nguyen can alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with a large breast size. By reshaping the breasts and reducing their size and weight, this surgical procedure can provide the reshaping of the breasts for a more youthful appearance along with the fact that there will be less physical pain and psychological discomfort.


With women unhappy with their breast size, breast augmentation is designed to correct volume loss after pregnancy, to help balance breast size asymmetries, as well as to enhance the body contour of women dissatisfied with their breast size.

Dr. Nguyen believes that the best results can be obtained when the procedure, the shape, implant type, implants place, incision location and size of the breasts are individualized to meet the specific patient’s body type and desire.

In some cases, a fat transfer breast augmentation may be recommended for patients who want to use their own fatty tissue rather than breast implants, which are either Silicone gel or Saline breast implants.

Speak to Dr. Nguyen to determine which is the best procedure for your aesthetic goals. Please contact Stone Mountain Skin Health Center by calling our Atlanta office at (678) 786-1118, (770) 508-8241 (Spanish), or (404) 989-1015 (Vietnamese) to schedule your breast surgery consultation today.