Many women feel self-conscious about loose skin on their upper arms and they are reluctant to wear short-sleeved shirts. The disproportionate appeared arms have been accumulated fat that is difficult to eliminate through diet and exercise. Many women turn to liposuction to help reduce this fat tissue and shrink this loose skin.


With his comprehensive approach, Dr. Son Nguyen will provide the newest, safest, and the most advantaged Smartlipo™ liposuction technology treatment for your arms with the result of slender and toned appearance you’ve been looking for while keeping your whole body proportionate.

It’s an outpatient procedure that can be done under local anesthesia with short recovery time from 1 to 2 weeks. The excess fat is removed through several tiny incisions in the armpit and near the elbow.

The Smartlipo™ laser energy will burn the excess fat and tighten skin to a significant extent and to conform to the new and toned arm contour. Dr Nguyen sometimes perform a combination of the Smartlipo™ liposuction and arm reduction to achieve their aesthetic goal.

Speak to Dr. Nguyen about your concern and he will determine which type of reduction is best suited for you. Please contact Stone Mountain Skin Health Center by calling our Atlanta office at (678) 786-1118, (770) 508-8241 (Spanish), or (404) 989-1015 (Vietnamese) to schedule your Arm Lift & Arm Liposuction consultation today.